How it started. . .

I saw very first 3D print video about five years ago on YouTube. This really caught my eye and I decided to build my very own printer. It took me about two more years to start building it. I cut the exact dimensions of the wooden parts in the evenings.  I build the Delta 3D printer by myself. This printer seemed to me as one of the easiest type for beginners. Well I thought so at that time J. Cutting parts and assembling my first 3D printer took me about 1 month.

Then I could test and learn how it actually goes.






When the print was accurate enough and I was happy with the setup I decided to replace the wooden parts with 3D printed and slightly modified the concept of my 3D printer. I reprinted all the parts once again in better quality and replaced them. It went smoothly then.






I printed many stuff like children’s PLA templates or kitchen spices divider etc… I just tried anything what was in the household needed or I found it helpful.






In the meantime I have gained more experience and information about 3D printing. Once I learned about the REBEL II 3D printer it became my favorite. So my journey continued. I bought all the parts needed for the entire assembly. I printed the necessary parts on my old Delta and smoothly went to REBEL II.






I’m printing on this type so far. Over some time I built another REBEL II so I own two 3D printers. I have a workspace in my closet. It looks funny but it is practical and I love it.